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Knitting hates me!

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No, seriously. I’m 3 rows away from finishing my first proper adult cardigan in a really nice lace stitch and then I pull the stitches too close to the front of the needle, drop about half of them and then sit there and watch as they unravel themselves almost all the way to the bottom!

*sighs and refuses to give in*

I will beat this knitting thing one day.



*screams in frustration*

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I officially give up. I have just unravelled my 27th attempt at sock making!

I just seem to have a mental block when it comes to the little buggers and I have no idea why. I’m following the instructions properly but every single time it comes out wrong. My Mum’s been knitting for years and she’s tried the pattern so I know it’s nothing wrong with that.

I guess it’s just my own stupidity that’s stopping me from doing something which should be so simple.


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Discovered why my first attempt at a knitted sock turned out more like a knitted sack!

Turns out I was using not only the wrong weight of yarn but also the wrong size needles, so the right yarn has been purchased along with what I thought was the right size needles only it turns out I read the label wrong and have bought another set of DPN’s that are exactly the same as the ones that I already have. Oops!

I also bought a new set of embroidery scissors, some gorgeous multi-coloured Anchor floss (#1375) for my next attempt at CdCx which is going to be on black evenweave and a very cute little Celtic-knot style bookmark kit to tide me over until I can get the right size DPN’s and/or the black evenweave.



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I finished my first sock! It’s a little mis-shapen and a bit big because I apparently knit to a loose tension but I’ll know better for next time.

Anyway, I really don’t care. I’ve been trying to knit socks for ages and this is the first time I actually succeeded and it’s all thanks to a brilliant tutorial I found via Ravelry.



Here is the news

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BAD NEWS: Discovered today that the apparently empty bag that darling mother threw out a few days actually contained the remaining floss for my version of CdCx. Fortunately, it’s just a plain Anchor thread so it’s easy to get some more.

GOOD NEWS: I have found an online sock-knitting tutorial through Ravelry which actually works. I’m about halfway through my first sock and it makes so much more sense when it’s explained in detail with pictures!



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Ever have one of those days where no matter what you try to knit or stitch or sew it goes wrong?  I think I spent more time today frogging and unravelling than I did actually sewing or knitting!



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Spent about £65 today on S.E.X. at I Knit London. The people were amazingly friendly and very helpful to this relative beginner and invited me back to the knitting night that they hold once a week.



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The sock-knitting experiment is progressing apace. This is probably my 5th or 6th attempt at sock-knitting and I will beat the damn thing one day!

Also, discovered a wool/yarn shop that actually contains a fully-licensed bar! Guess where I’m going on Monday? *grins*



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Just trying to work this out after years of LJ-abuse so bare with me.

As mentioned, I already have an LJ account but that’s full of fannish and real-life stuff.  I wanted a place where I could keep my few crafty things seperate from all that because that’s my rock in the ocean of insanity that is my life.

With that in mind, this is what I’m working on right now../


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